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A Concise Guide to Fortinet NSE 8 Certification

The Fortinet Network Security Expert – NSE 8 certification is the topmost and most esteemed level in the Fortinet technical certification path. It represents a complete and absolute understanding of all Fortinet devices, comprising implementation, advanced features, operation, and troubleshooting. The Fortinet NSE 8 certification is intended to reflect best methods utilizing Fortinet devices and advanced networking and security solutions.

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For any organization running Fortinet security, the value of having an NSE 8 Certified Engineer cannot be emphasized. It enhances any organization’s self-sufficiency and reinforces in the job market. Having a Fortinet NSE 8 certification in present IT market is useful when looking for job. Being a part of the very small Fortinet group will make you an appealing asset to any organization practicing Fortinet products. The reason for all the superiority surrounding the NSE 8 certification goes down to one thing: the certification is tough to achieve, as it should be when it comes to any best certification.

Who Should Attempt the NSE 8 Certification?

The Fortinet Network Security Expert 8 (NSE 8) exams are created for those who are genuine experts in network security and Fortinet´s field of security products. The method of preparing for the NSE 8 exam can be expensive and requires great deal of time. Besides formal training, you should have experience in a different complicated networks, addressing complicated security problems.

What are the prerequisites to sit for NSE 8 Certification Exam?

  • There are no prerequisites to be eligible for the NSE 8 written exam.
  • The NSE 8 written exam is a prerequisite for the practical exam.

Exams and Recommended Training

The written exam is available throughout the world through Pearson VUE exam centers. Once applicants passed the written exam, they must contact their regional Fortinet Training administrator to plan and arrange the NSE 8 practical session. These sessions are available at some Fortinet NSE 8 test locations onsite.

The Fortinet NSE 8 written exam is a 90-minute multiple-choice exam. Questions type include design scenarios, configuration extracts, exhibits, and troubleshooting captures that evaluate the networking, security, and Fortinet solution knowledge and experience of the applicants.

NSE 8 certification is valid for two years. Applicants can recertify by taking the current written exam at a Pearson Vue test center.

To recertify for NSE 8, it is enough to pass the NSE 8 written exam, provided that the applicant’s NSE 8 certification has not expired.


An applicant who receives NSE 8 certification by passing the written and practical exams is recertified on all the NSE levels that were earned previously, despite of whether or not those certifications are valid or have expired. Applicants cannot recertify on designation levels for which they have never qualified.

When an applicant passes the written exam for recertifying, they also recertify for all levels, valid or expired. Though, if their NSE 8 certification expires, then the applicant will have to retake both the written and practical exams to recertify.


By achieving the NSE 8 certification and then considering continuous advances in tools and trends at our Xperts Academy events, partners can give maximum value to clients clients while developing their skillsets.

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